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Denodo connect to postgresql-10

Hi Denodo Team, I have a problem connecting denodo virtual dataport adm tool to postgresql-10. After creating a new data source, I connect the data source with postgreSQL by specifying as follows: Database adapter: PostgreSQL 10 Driver class path: '/home/ktgroup/denodo-platform-7.0/lib-external/jdbc-drivers/postgresql-10/postgresql-42.2.5.jar' Driver class: org.postgresql.Driver database URI: jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432 /lecturers Transaction isolation: Database default Authentication: Use Login and Password. When I click Test Connection, denodo replied with "Unable to establish connection: Unable to establish connection: Driver not found." I am pretty sure that I point denodo to the right location of PostgreSQL-jar. But, still I got this error message. Could you advise me how to handle this problem? Thank you, Kem
22-04-2019 06:49:21 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, If encountering a “driver not found” error when trying to connect to a data source, first check that the proper driver exists in the folder located at <DENODO_HOME>/lib-external/jdbc-drivers/database name - version. If it is not there, then copy the driver into the folder. For PostgreSQL, I downloaded the driver from this driver worked for me in Denodo VDP, also try restarting the VDP server before connecting to the data source. You can refer this document for more information on commonly occurring errors: Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
22-04-2019 15:34:39 -0400
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