How to VDP from OBIEE via ODBC where VDP server is ssl enabled

Hi Denod Team, We are facing issues when we try connecting denodo as data source in OBIEE RPD. Issue with SSL enabled Denodo server. 1. We have denodo on machine A which is Windows server. We have enable SSL. 2. We are trying to connect Denodo Data sources from OBIEE RPD (which is on machine B linux installaion ) using ODBC connection. 3. We have made necessary changes - followed below link on denodo - 4. When we try creating report in answeres getting error State: HY000. Code: 16001. [nQSError: 16001] ODBC error state: 08S01 code: 405649 message: [DataDirect][ODBC PostgreSQL Wire Protocol driver][PostgreSQL]ERROR: SSL connection required(). (HY000). Please help us how to get this work. Appriciated your help. Thanks, unnisa
31-01-2019 01:27:10 -0500

1 Answer

Hello, I believe you asked a similar question here: Please refer to the response there and feel free to reply directly in the thread if you wish to continue the discussion. Hope this helps.
Denodo Team
08-02-2019 18:19:57 -0500
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