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Hi, From my company, we are starting a learning drive for DV and Denodo.I would like to know what should be a course path if we start to learn Denodo today? We do not have much knowledge on Data Virtualization but have a good working experience in BI Data Warehouse.
07-02-2019 02:20:27 -0500

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Hi! I would recommend the following path for **Denodo 7.0**: 1. Discover data virtualization patterns and use cases with the [Data Virtualization Architect course](https://www.denodo.com/en/services/education/course/den70edua01/data-virtualization-architect) and [Data Virtualization Champion](https://www.denodo.com/en/services/education/course/den70edua03/data-virtualization-champion) courses 2. Then, start with the [Data Virtualization Essentials (on-demand)](https://www.denodo.com/en/services/education/course/den70edug01/data-virtualization-essentials) course to know the basics of Denodo Platform. 1. Continue with [Denodo Platform Installation (on-demand)](https://www.denodo.com/en/services/education/course/den70edus01/denodo-platform-installation) course in order to prepare your Denodo Solution Manager and Denodo Platform 7.0 installation to be used later in the rest of the courses. 1. Then, improve your Data Virtualization skills attending to all Developer courses: [Data Virtualization Developer (Introduction)](https://www.denodo.com/en/services/education/course/den70edud01/data-virtualization-developer-introduction), [Data Virtualization Developer (Intermediate)](https://www.denodo.com/en/services/education/course/den70edud02/data-virtualization-developer-intermediate) and [Data Virtualization Developer (Advanced)](https://www.denodo.com/en/services/education/course/den70edud03/data-virtualization-developer-advanced) 2. Later, learn some advanced configuration topics attending [Denodo Platform Server Administrator course](https://www.denodo.com/en/services/education/course/den70edus02/denodo-platform-server-administrator) 3. And, finally, learn how to use the new Data Catalog tool in the [Data Virtualization for Business Users](https://www.denodo.com/en/services/education/course/den70edub01/data-virtualization-business-users) course. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
08-02-2019 09:06:09 -0500
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