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When i create a revision from development environment. by dbname is db1_dev. But when i want to promot it to sit environment . it should be db1_sit. where can i change it? i am using solution manager for deployments.
11-02-2019 11:54:35 -0500

1 Answer

Hello, The best practice is to use the same element names across environments and use Environment Properties to manage what each one connects to by changing the URI’s. You can change the environment dependent values, like the database name of the JDBC datasource: for example: from database_name1 jdbc:oracle:thin:@hostname:port:database_name1 to database_name2 jdbc:oracle:thin:@hostname:port:database_name2 To do the above changes: In the [Virtual dataport properties]( tab of the environment. Right-click the value of a property and click on the option “Edit property value” in the emerging menu. Enter the new value for the property in the dialog that appears and confirm. If you have a unique use case where objects need to be renamed it needs to be done external to Solution Manager, for that you can also raise a support case at the Denodo Support Site so that it can be evaluated by the Denodo Team. Hope this helps !
Denodo Team
12-02-2019 18:16:43 -0500
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