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Write values to a data base

Hi, can we use Denodo to write (insert records, delete recors, modify) the results of a given query to a data base? (i.e i would like to store the results of a query into a SQL data base) Many thanks,
20-02-2019 06:06:10 -0500

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Hello, I normally use the [Extraction option]( present in the Denodo Scheduler which allows you to configure jobs in the form of a query expressed in server’s query language (VQL). Once the data is extracted using the query present in the extraction job, it can be exported in different formats like CSV, database (JDBC or VDP) or a list. Another option that Denodo offers is the concept of [Materialized table]( which is a special type of base view whose data is stored in the database where the data is cached, instead of in an external data source. Schema and data of Materialized views are managed from Virtual DataPort. If this is a one-time need then you can use modifying statements (Insert, update, delete) depending upon the datasource of the base view. Denodo allows updating data on a base view created over the JDBC,ODBC data sources or custom wrappers that were developed to be updateable. Results of executing these statements in Denodo will modify the data stored in the underlying data source. Please refer to this [link]( to know more about Inserts, Updates and Deletes Over Views and its limitations in Denodo. Hope this helps !
Denodo Team
20-02-2019 18:17:36 -0500
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