ODBC Error

Hi, when creating an ODBC connection in Windows, I get the error "could not receive data from server: Software caused connection abort (0x00002745 / 10053)" In the server of denodo must there be some special configuration to be able to make the connection? Could you help me please? this is the log output [0.039]Driver Version='09.03.0500,Mar 23 2018' linking 1600 dynamic Multithread library [0.041]Global Options: fetch=1000, socket=4096, unknown_sizes=0, max_varchar_size=255, max_longvarchar_size=8190 [0.044] disable_optimizer=0, ksqo=0, unique_index=1, use_declarefetch=1 [0.047] text_as_longvarchar=1, unknowns_as_longvarchar=0, bools_as_char=0 NAMEDATALEN=64 [0.049] extra_systable_prefixes='dd_;', conn_settings='(null)' conn_encoding='' [18.965]CONN ERROR: func=LIBPQ_connect, desc='', errnum=101, errmsg='could not receive data from server: Software caused connection abort (0x00002745/10053) ' [18.968] ------------------------------------------------------------ [18.968] henv=0000000003028F00, conn=00000000030220D0, status=0, num_stmts=16 [18.969] sock=0000000000000000, stmts=0000000003028F40, lobj_type=-999 [18.970] ---------------- Socket Info -------------------------------
14-03-2019 13:26:53 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, If you are using ODBC to connect to Denodo, ensure that you have the latest ODBC driver installed. To know how to make the connection work, you can read the knowledge base article [DSN configuration for ODBC connections to VDP](https://community.denodo.com/kb/view/document/DSN%20configuration%20for%20ODBC%20connections%20to%20VDP?category=Northbound+Connections). Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
19-03-2019 12:41:34 -0400
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