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Duplicate views are getting created while creating base views

Hi Team - I am creating base views on a delimited data source(CSV). For this I created a base view under this data source object in the server explorer pane of VDP Admin client. I also see another base view (with the same name) also getting created automatically - but this one is created at the same level(same folder level) as that of the data source object. Now to me these 2 views look a copy of each other, and they are also somehow linked - means, if I make changes in one of these base view, the other automatically gets updated. If I delete one view, the other one also gets deleted. I have 300 base views to create from one data source(delimited), and while i create base views (by clicking the create base view button) it also automatically creates 300 more base views. These are duplicates of the first 300 base views. I want to know is this behaviour by design or am I doing something wrong ? If this is by design, why is it like this ?
24-06-2020 13:08:24 -0400

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Hi User, This is by design from Denodo. By default Denodo creates 2 base view copies, one linked to data source and other one in same folder as of data source. The other base view can be moved to another folder such as 'Base View' and can be further clubbed in sub-folders, which could be named as per data source name. This is useful in case of huge amount of base views to identify what base view is created from which data source. Thanks, Another Denodo User.
25-06-2020 03:43:54 -0400
Hi, That's right; the base views created on the same level as the data source are meant to be organized into different folders, while the base view under the data source object represents the base views that were created from that data source. In order to easily access my base views, I usually create a separate folder for them different from the data sources folder. This way, all the database connectivity information is separate from the table information and I can have a folder that contains all of the base level information for a project. Then, while I am creating base views from a database, I can modify the "Folder" attribute in the "Metadata" tab to have the view save to the correct folder. For more information about the Denodo recommended folder organization and naming conventions, you can refer to the [VDP Naming Conventions]( page of the Denodo Knowledge Base. I hope this helps!
Denodo Team
07-07-2020 14:18:41 -0400
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