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Parameterized View

Hi, I have two different data souce connected in Denodo (one is Netezza and one is Oracle). I have created one baseviews in both the sources using query.(i.e. net_baseview and orc_baseview) net_baseview has some paramteres (start date and end date and one is list i.e.array of string which is used in subquery in clause) like select * from table1 where name in (@name_list) orc_baseview has also some different parameters where it also contains a variable which accepts array of string in subquery like the same way above mentioned) So the problem is in net_view, the name_list variable should get the values from orc_baseview meaning that from the result of orc_baseview i want to pass values of one column to the name_list in net_view. So how can i achieve the above scenario.
28-06-2020 02:18:53 -0400

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Hi, For your scenario, I would follow the below steps to achieve the expected result: 1. Create the Netezza base view as you performed, but without the namelist parameter(@name_list) 2. Create the Oracle base view as you performed 3. Join the above two views using the condition on the name field (name = name_list) to pull the matching data. If I need to pull only specific names, I would add the filter condition to this view. I would further extend the join operations for further processing of data(if required). For more information, please refer the sections [Creating Derived Views]( and [Creating Join Views]( of the Virtual Dataport Administration Guide. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
29-06-2020 07:30:40 -0400
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