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How to check if the secondary license manager is working properly

I have set-up a secondary license manager, in active/passive, according to the documentation. Everything looks good, I can use the pingLicenseManager page to check that it is available. But I am really wondering how I can check if LM will serve the licences upon request, because the ping page only shows if the process is there, not if the actual licenses are there, unless I am wrong. Is there any possibility to see if there licenses are there through the same endpoint? Something like https://server:10091/listAvailableLicences ? I know that killing the primary server and restarting a VDP node would get me to the same result, but it is a bit rude ;-) Thank you in advance
14-07-2020 09:34:10 -0400

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Hi, License Manager High Availability works in such a way that, when the License Manager in the Primary Server is going down, the License Manager in the Secondary Server will be able to issue the license and so there will not be any downtime for the VDP Servers. I can monitor the license requests by[ License Usage dialog]( The table License Usages displays the historical information about license requests sent by the Virtual DataPort servers. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
15-07-2020 08:29:37 -0400
Hi, Yes, I get that. But I do not know how I can check if the second licenser manager configuration is correct. The ping gives me a "ok", but I guess this only shows that LM is actually running, not that it configured with the correct database (share with SM). This is what I would like to check. Best regards,
16-07-2020 02:10:27 -0400
Hi, I can [get the list of Licenses Available]( in the solution manager by using the HTTP method ‘GET’ and by using the following URL: `https://<server>:<port>/licenseAlias ` If the request succeeds, it returns HTTP code 200 along with the body that contains the list of licenses in JSON format. For more information, you can refer to the document [REST API]( of the Solution Manager administration Guide. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
17-07-2020 05:31:17 -0400
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