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VDP server service issue

Hello, We are using the Denodo v7.0 evaluation version and are in the middle of a Proof Of Concept. We are experiencing an intermittent issue where the Virtual DataPort Server will be stopped when we check on the services in the mornings. Last week when we monitored, the VDP server remained in a running state for 5 days straight, but over this last weekend, it stopped. We had made no changes to the software last week (other than admin work in the VDP Admin Tool while setting up new connections) and the system OS (MS Windows Server 2019 Standard) did not restart over the weekend. Some background: Post-installation, we were using an Active Directory service account and had it configured as the Log On in Services but had this same problem of services staying up overnight, so we reverted the Log Ons for all Denodo services back to Local System and changed their Startup Type from Automatic to Automatic (Delayed). The same AD account is and always was configured as a Local Administrator. The security software in use (Trend Micro Deep Security) continues to show no events in it's logs indicating a policy violation or anything related the Denodo software that would trigger the service to be disabled and I see no Event Viewer logs for errors, warnings or criticals. Also, I notice that when all services are running in the Denodo Platform Control Center, none of the Denodo services ever show as running under Administrative Tools->Services. Can someone explain why this is? What other logs can I check that may provide some info for this issue? Any suggestions will be appreciated. Regards, Ben
20-07-2020 15:44:14 -0400

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Hi, In general, starting the servers from the Denodo Platform control center doesn't notify the Windows services. If you would like to monitor the status of the Denodo servers using the status of **services**, then you could start the [Windows services]( instead of running the servers using the Denodo Platform control center. Besides, to address the Virtual DataPort Server stopping issue in the morning, I guess there could be a windows background update over night that stops the services. However, to observe this behaviour further, I would configure the [Denodo Monitor]( and keep it running. When the issue reoccurs, I would check the **process.log** file of Denodo Monitor located in the path *<DENODO_HOME>\tools\monitor\denodo-monitor\denodo-monitor\logs* and the **vdp.log** file located in the path *<DENODO_HOME>\logs\vdp*. Additionally, I would also automate status check of Denodo services by referring to the steps given in the Knowledge base article [here]( Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
30-07-2020 04:26:52 -0400
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