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Does Denodo follow a 3-tier architecture i.e., Web-App-DB ?

Does Denodo follow a 3-tier architecture i.e., Web-App-DB ? How can we convince a Denodo user that it complies with all the security layers of 3-tier architecture within an organization ?
27-07-2020 01:56:22 -0400

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Hi, Yes, Denodo follows the 3-tier architecture. The Denodo Platform connects to a myriad of data sources, combining and publishing data in the business-friendly form to multiple consumers. For example: * **1st tier** – In this layer, you will have your underlying database from structured to unstructured. From this layer, you can connect disparate data from any source (enterprise, Big Data, cloud, Excel, etc) from the Denodo Platform. * **2nd tier** - that includes the Denodo platform. In this layer, you can define data transformations and combinations that meet your business needs using the Denodo Platform. * **3rd tier **- that includes your end consuming application. This user layer implements the interface between the client applications and the Denodo Platform. Thus, its responsibility is to provide client applications with means to establish a connection with the servers, send queries, and obtain the results. To get more information you can have a look at [**Denodo Platform Overview** ]( link which explains the architecture overview of the Denodo Platform. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
28-07-2020 09:40:48 -0400
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