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Can you run a delete statement through the scheduler instead of deleting the entire table before inserting data?

Is there a way in Denodo Scheduler to delete specifics rows from a database table without having to delete the entire table and re-populating it with the rows that should not be deleted?
30-07-2020 13:20:38 -0400

1 Answer

I was able to delete specific rows from a base view by creating a scheduler job as a Parameterized query. For example: 1. In the Parameterized query field of Extraction section, you can issue the below statement example: DELETE FROM <view_name> WHERE <column_name> = ‘@column_name’ 2. In the Non-Parameterized query section, you can issue the below statement example to retrieve specific rows that need to be deleted: SELECT * FROM <view_name> WHERE <column_name> = ‘condition’ 3. Create the mapping on the job to map your column from the Non-parameterized query with the parameter in the Parameterized query. Query: <column_name> = source: <coulmn_name> You can run the job to delete specific rows specified in the Select statement condition. You can read more about creating Parameterized queries in the [VDP Extraction]( Section of Scheduler Administration Guide. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
31-07-2020 16:01:28 -0400
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