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Incremental data load in Denodo

How does Denodo ensure incremental load to a database while writing data ? Is it possible to create SCD type 2 using Denodo ? SCD : Slowly Changing Dimensions
06-08-2020 11:08:45 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, The incremental load is a subtype of full cache mode and it only supports explicit load. In order to load the data into the cache table, then you either have to preload the cache enabled view or you could schedule a VDPcache job in the Denodo Scheduler. In general, when you do an incremental load, it merges the cached data with the updated data in the data source or inserts the new data into the cache table since the latest cache refresh. You could refer to the section [How Incremental Queries Work at Runtime]( for more information. There is an option called **Time to Live** in the cache configuring option, it denotes the seconds, entries are stored in the view’s cache. Once this limit is reached, these entries expire and the next query will retrieve the data from the data source, instead of from the cache. If you select Never expire, the Server will never invalidate the entries stored in the cache. However, you still can invalidate the cache manually by clicking on Invalidate cache. When the view is queried only valid entries will be returned, the invalid or expired entries in the cache will be retained until you perform a cache maintenance task. In order to track the expiration and row validity indication, the cache table will maintain two columns expiration date and rows status. You could also refer to the section to know about the [Requirements a View Has to Meet to Support Incremental Queries]( Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
07-08-2020 08:39:58 -0400
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