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vql shell command or existing store procedure to gathering statistics

Do we have some exsiting vql shell command or store procedure which is for stastics gathering, we want to use some command to do the statistics gathering. Thanks.
14-08-2020 01:29:18 -0400

1 Answer

Hello, Denodo provides two stored procedures [“GENERATE_STATS”]( and [“GENEARTE_STATS_FOR_FIELDS”]( to gather and store statistics of a view. The first one, updates the statistics for all the fields in the view, while the second one updates the statistics for the fields that are specified as input parameters. You can also refer to the KB article [“How to update the statistics of a view automatically”]( that describes how to update the statistics of a view or multiple views using the stored procedures, GENERATE_STATS and GENERATE_STATS_FOR_FIELDS, and the Denodo Scheduler in order to automate the refresh of statistic. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
14-08-2020 17:54:08 -0400
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