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Hi, I have a database (DB2Warehouse) which has a table with columns that have EBCDIC data. Ho can I access that using Denodo.
14-08-2020 02:50:18 -0400

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Denodo is a Java Appplication and should be configured to connect to DB2 on Cloud using IBM's native DB2 JDBC driver. As per the [IBM web site]("Java is Unicode-based, and all character processing inside a Java application occurs in Unicode. Character data that is not already in Unicode must be converted before being passed to a Java application. These conversions are handled by DB2 or by the JDBC driver and are transparent to the application". [Java applications using the Java Universal Type 4 driver]( "send data to the database server as Unicode, and the database server converts the data from Unicode to the supported code page. The character data that is sent from the database server to the client is converted using Java’s built-in character converters, such as the* conversion routines. The conversions that the DB2 Universal JDBC Driver supports are limited to those that are supported by the underlying Java Runtime Environment (JRE) implementation". It may be that the JRE you are running Denodo on does not support the needed codepages. Are you running Denodo on the default JRE provided with the Denodo Platform or an IBM JRE? Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
17-08-2020 08:20:16 -0400
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