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denodo vs Teiid

what is the difference between them?
14-08-2020 12:52:11 -0400

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Overall, the Denodo Platform offers superior capabilities thanTEEID in many ways, including breadth of functionality, range of data sources supported, performance and scalability and developer productivity. For example: * **Superior performance.** The Denodo Platform contains an advanced optimization and execution engine that is able to dynamically handle every data request in an optimal way. It utilizes several advanced optimization techniques that minimize the amount of data movement and maximize processing that takes place at the data source i.e. move the processing to the data rather than the data to the processor. In addition, Denodo includes advanced techniques like MPP processing and aggregate-aware query acceleration. TEIID’s engine is very basic and its performance significantly worse in all scenarios. * **More ways to consume your data**. The Denodo Platform not only offers more interfaces to query data (like REST Web services, OData and GraphQL), but it also includes a full-fledge data catalog that enables data discovery and self-service capabilities even for non-technical users. * **Enterprise-ready technology.** Denodo is a mature data virtualization platform with enterprise-level performance, scalability, security, governance and monitoring. We have hundreds of installations supporting critical business processes worldwide. TEIID doesn't have a large footpring in large corportations * **Broader range of data sources**. Denodo offers access to a much broader range of data sources, especially non-traditional data sources such as Web Services, SaaS platforms, NoSQL databases, data lake engines, semi-structured d data, etc. * **Ease of Use.** Developing and maintaining virtual models in Denodo is very fast and very easy - the ‘development’ paradigm is iterative and collaborative i.e quickly show results to the business partner and get feedback...rinse and repeat. TEIID Data Virtualization, on the other hand, is aimed at developers and requires several complex steps to achieve the simplest of federation tasks. Denodo users have reported productivity gains of 85-90% quicker to deliver data We rarely see TEIID in recent opportunities due to the limitations of their data virtualization offerings. Both Forrester (Wave for Enterprise Data Fabric) and Gartner (Data Integration magic quadrant) supports Denodo’s leadership position within the data virtualization market. TEIID was featured in Forrester's Wave in lower positions until 2015, but their technology hasn't evolved in recent times and it has not been included in recent analysis.
Denodo Team
18-08-2020 16:45:20 -0400
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