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What is the maximum value that can be searched in an obligatory field with multiplicity 1

Hi, I have created a base view with one field as Obligatory and i am able to search multiple values in the webservice using ISCONTAINED in the same field. is there any maximum number that can be search ? and why i am not able to set multiplicity as any with obligatoy as search field?
18-08-2020 01:33:28 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, I can successfully able to search multiple values in the web service using ‘ISCONTAINED‘ in the field which is set as the ‘OBL’ field in search method without any maximum limit to pass as values. Regarding setting multiplicity as ‘ANY’ in the field with search method ‘OBL’, when ‘OBL’ is set as the search method for the field, we have to provide at least one value in the filter for the field to execute the query. The multiplicity indicates how many values can be included in the source query for the given attribute and operator. When the multiplicity is set to “ANY”, the filter can take any number of values - including 0. Hence, when the search method is 'OBL', we cannot set multiplicity as 'ANY' or '0'. To get more information, you can have a look at the sections [Query Capabilities]( of the Virtual DataPort Administration Guide and [Query Constraints]( of the Virtual DataPort VQL Guide. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
19-08-2020 02:27:58 -0400
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