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Denodo Semantic Layer

I have a need to replace a Business Object Universe potentially with a Denodo Semantic layer. Is that possible? For example, if I were to create a set of derived views and enforce Associations between them, does this replace a Business Object Universe? Thanks!
24-08-2020 19:11:28 -0400

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Hi, Based on my understanding, Business Object Universe is a semantic layer that resides between the database and end-user. In that case, the Denodo Platform provides an abstraction layer to access different datasources in real-time with high performance. Therefore, you can acess data from any source and create the join, association, interface and etc. Finally, you can transform that views to client applications. Another major advantage is that it provides a unique point for defining security. For more information, you could refer to the [Virtual DataPort Administration Guide]( If you have a valid Support Account, I recommend that you open a case on the [Denodo Support Site]( to have the Support Team take a look at your request. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
25-08-2020 08:26:13 -0400
Thank you! I have a follow up question. The Web Intelligence component of Business Object will create SQLs automatically based off the columns we select from different classes in Universe. It uses the associations defined between the tables to create the SQL. Is that feature available in Denodo?
25-08-2020 08:41:38 -0400
Hi, The Virtual DataPort Administration tool can **automatically** create the **associations** between JDBC base views of the same data source. These associations will mirror the foreign key constraints of the tables/views in the source database. Alternatively, you can also create the association **manually** by navigation to the **File > New > Association **or right-click the Server Explorer and click on the Association on the New menu. For more information, you could refer to the below sections, * [Creating an Association]( * [Associations in Denodo]( Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
02-09-2020 07:08:07 -0400
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