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Record size exceeds internal limit error

Hello Team, I connected Netezza Data Source.I have created an view in Denodo. I am getting an error like 'Record size 90220 exceeds internal limit of 65535 bytes' while executing query. I serach this error and i found that it is Netezza's error. But if I run same query in Netezza (in main source) or some other tools like Aginity Workbench, then query gives results and it is not throwing any error. I am getting this error in Denodo Only. Any Troubleshoot or Suggestion or Root Cause why i am getting this error?? Thanks in Advance.
31-08-2020 10:35:47 -0400

3 Answers

Hi, Based on the error message 'Record size 90220 exceeds internal limit of 65535 bytes', it appears that row size has exceeded the permissible limit of 65K (65535 bytes). To resolve this, you could do a [source refresh]( on the base view, this way, if there is any column level alteration in the data source’s table, then the base view would also be synced with the same changes. If the error still persists, I would suggest you to review the type size of text type column created in the Virtual DataPort against the corresponding Netezza's table. You could also alter a column’s type size of a base view using the below VQL statement from the VQL shell: For example: > ALTER TABLE <baseview_name>( > ALTER COLUMN <column_name> ADD ( sourcetypesize = '95000') > ) Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
01-09-2020 04:54:53 -0400
Hello Team, I tried the approach given by you but still i am getting the same error. I have debugged query and get to know the point where the execution is breaking. I have 2 with clause in the query and at last there is select statement where i do union all of both the with clause and extracting the data. So if i run both the clause seperately, it works fine. The Denodo is giving error 'Record size exceeds permissible limit of 65K' when i do union of both clause. I also tried creating derived union view in Denodo from both the baseviews but still i am getting the same error. The query is working fine in Aginity. Is there any Record Size Limit in Denodo? If yes, how can i change it.
11-09-2020 08:01:31 -0400
Hi, By reviewing the [official documentation](, I could see that Record Size Limit 65,535 bytes. is defined by the Netezza database. Therefore, the [error]( you are experiencing is thrown by Netezza when the total record size in a table exceeds the limit. Denodo does not impose record size limit, the maximum data length is considered as per the source type properties of each column defined during base view creation. Hence, I would suggest you to execute the delegated SQL sentence in the Netezza i.e the query which has the union all of the two tables selected in a with clause, make sure you don't add any **limit** rows in the query and check if the same error is returned in Netezza. If so, then I would suggest you to check the columns contributing to this error in the corresponding tables of Netezza database. To obtain the SQL sentence, execute the view, then click on **"Execution Trace"** and select the bottom node. Then, go the right section and you will be able to see the SQL sentence that Denodo is executing at the Data Source. For more information, please refer to the section [Execution Trace of a Statement]( of Virtual DataPort Administration Guide. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
18-09-2020 04:33:46 -0400
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