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Can I feed Rest API parameters from a database query?

I have a list of ID values in a database table that I want to feed in as parameters to a Rest API call. I need to make one API call per ID value in the database table. I need to make the union of these Rest API calls into a single table. Can this be done in denodo?
22-09-2020 15:56:00 -0400

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Hi, I was able to implement similar scenario using Virtual Dataport Administration Tool by following below steps: * Configure the data source which has a table with ID values. * On top created data source, create a base view (lets say: "bv_test") over the table which has ID column. * Configure another [JSON data source]( over the Rest API using connection URL with interpolation variable. For example:<field_name>=@<interpolation_variable_name> * Create a base view (lets say "bv_test_api") over the JSON data source. * Once the views are created, perform a [join]( operation over the both the views (i;e bv_test and bv_test_api). * In the model tab, join the "ID" column with the "interpolation_variable_name" column of the interpolation view. * From the output tab, you can select and remove all the unnecessary columns and save the view. * Save and execute the view. If you still need help and if you are a valid Support User, you may open a Support Case at the Denodo Support Site and the Support Team will help you. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
23-09-2020 08:01:21 -0400
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