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Connecting MS SQL Server through Denodo Testing tool throws error.

I'm trying to establish a connection to SQL Server using the below properties through config file. mssql.jdbcUrl=jdbc:sqlserver://sqlsrv-;databaseName=testdw; mssql.dbAdapter=sqlserver-8.4.1 mssql.username=devtest mssql.password=xxxxxxxxxxx. The connection ends up with an error. Test raised an unexpected java.lang.RuntimeException: Driver claims to not accept jdbcUrl The above mentioned jdbc url works perfectly when launched through Ms sql server management studio and VDP but not sure why the error occurs. Please help
14-10-2020 14:20:35 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, I was able to set up Microsoft SQL Server database in the configuration file and I could run test scripts successfully. In case of any errors, you could check the following : 1. Check if you have placed the Microsoft SQL Server [**JDBC Driver**]( jar file into the **<TESTING_TOOL_HOME>/lib/sqlserver-8.4.1** folder. 2. Make sure the specified JDBC URL is correct and the host is reachable. 3. You can also check **testing-tool.log** under **<TESTING_TOOL_HOME>/log** folder for more information. Additionally, if you still need help and if you are a user with valid support access then you can raise a support case in Denodo Support Site so that our support team can help you. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
15-10-2020 07:07:41 -0400
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