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Query optimization

Hi Denodo community, We have a big tree-view and multiple branch of the tree use same source/query. As is, Denodo reexecute the same query many times during the same execution. I understand that caching might be a solution but I understand too that caching is useful when executing many times the tree-view. Right now, we are trying to optimize the view during the single execution as the query is executed only 1 time for 1 branch and the other branch use the result of the 1st time. Do you have any solution for us Thanks
15-10-2020 11:52:13 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, I understand your scenario as, you have a view which is built on top of several views that are accessing the tables from the underlying data source(s) to fetch the data, when you execute the view/ or a query. If you enable cache for your view(s) with necessary context clause, based on the cache mode enabled, the execution engine will decide whether to fetch the data from the source or the cache database. I think for your use case, [Incremental Mode]( might help wherein queries will always return fully up to date results without needing to retrieve the full result set from the data source, just the rows that are added/changed since the last cache refresh. If you are a valid support user, you can raise a case describing your use case with the VQL of the view and Execution trace attached and it will addressed better. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
16-10-2020 05:23:32 -0400
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