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Response Details section while deploying rest API

Hi, I am creating a rest web service and I want to know how can I add these response to My JSOn(this will be consumed bu my users.) responseStatus": "SUCCESS", "responseDetails": { "limit": 1000, "offset": 0, "size": 1000, "total": 25000, "next_page": "xxxxx?limit=1000&offset=1000" }, 1. I would have the next page from rest APi setting section but how would I get a Success status and limit, offset, size, total.
21-10-2020 09:11:40 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, Web service exposes 2 parameters - $start_index and $count for pagination. These can be used from the application for paginating data from the Denodo web service. $count is the number of rows returned by the URL and this would be the size of the result set (not total count). You could take a look at[ Input Parameters of the Restful Web Service]( Virtual DataPort guide for more details. You can set the maximum number of rows to be returned in the Settings tab of the Web service. This would automatically paginate the response when the total number of rows returned is larger than this maximum number of rows. This would be the maximum limit for a single call. For the total record count a new column which is basically a count(*) on the view can be added in the view to be published. Please note that the web service would need to be re-deployed. Offset would have to be calculated using the $start_index, $count and total count in the application. I would take a look at [HTTP Status codes]( Virtual DataPort guide to know more about the HTTP statuses returned. Hope this helps.
Denodo Team
22-10-2020 08:40:02 -0400
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