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Scheduling Cache Problem with Base View

Hello, 1. My base views evertime needs a session id to fetch the data(execution). SO I have used an interpolation variable for feeding session key. Session key is generated in different table to whom I usually point when I create a derived view so that I dont have to feed it everytime. But now creating Incremental on base view is difficult in such situation I cannot Edit the VQL of baseview so I cannot feed the session key that way even. Now I want to schedule a cache on Base View for everday with incremental method If I am doing so, how can I fix the issue of session key here?
26-10-2020 05:20:04 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, To schedule a cache on the base view and feed the session key to the view at the same time, I would follow the below steps: * Set the cache mode to full incremental on the base view with the condition: <date_field_of_base_view> > '@LastCacheRefresh' * Define a new job on the Scheduler to preload the cache * In the new job, write a parametrized query on the base view with session id as the input parameter * write another query to get all session ids from the data source and map those session ids to the input parameter of the parametrized query. * Schedule the load process. You could also refer to the article on [VDPCache Extraction]( section and [Incremental Cache Mode]( to get more details. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
28-10-2020 04:03:19 -0400
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