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Hi there I am in the process of setting up SSL on Denodo v8. But I cant get tomcat started. Please assist. 3350 [main] INFO 2020-10-29T11:15:09.377 server.start [] - Starting Denodo Platform 8.0 - Process owner: xxxx i - Operating system: Windows Server 2016 (amd64) - OpenJDK Runtime Environment (build 11.0.8+10) - OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 11.0.8+10, mixed mode) 7513 [main] INFO 2020-10-29T11:15:13.540 server.start [] - TLS is enabled on incoming connections 19320 [Thread-3] INFO 2020-10-29T11:15:25.347 com.denodo.tomcat.manager.TomcatManager [] - Tomcat script launched with value 0 102819 [Thread-3] INFO 2020-10-29T11:16:48.846 com.denodo.tomcat.manager.TomcatManager [] - Maximum number of retries reached. Tomcat remains stopped.
29-10-2020 05:21:37 -0400

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Hi, Since you are setting up SSL in Denodo Servers, this issue could be in the configuration setup. If you are able to work with SSL in your Denodo server and Denodo VDP Administration tool, this would mean the SSL setup works but the issue is in setting up the same in your file ( Configuration file of the Embedded Tomcat Server). But if you are not able to start the tomcat and your SSL configuration is not working in any of the Denodo servers and tools, it would deduce the SSL setup is at fault and you would need to validate the SSL process itself. You can find the process in our manual here: [Enable SSL/TLS in the Denodo Platform]( I would suggest opening a case with the Denodo Support Team to take the help of the experts in reviewing your SSL setup for your Denodo 8.0 version. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
03-11-2020 06:03:46 -0500
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