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Sap Bw DSO with Denodo

Hi Team , We are creating bv for DSO table in denodo using Denodo RFCReadTable Custom Wrapper ,We were able to pull all column but we are missing out few column like Reference_date(Key date) any suggesion will be of great help Thanks in advance
06-11-2020 10:36:31 -0500

1 Answer

Hi, The Denodo RFCReadTable custom wrapper uses the RFC_READ_TABLE function. Unfortunately, this RFC has some limitations. one of them is > The combined length of the retrieved columns must not exceed 512 bytes. Hence i would make sure the length of the retrieved column should not exceed more than 512 byte. There are 2 workaround provided to handle these limitations. 1. Limit the columns to be retrieved. > Use the Selection view in the VDP Admin Tool or limit the projected fields in the VQL Shell => field projections are delegated to SAP. 1. Use a custom function module to retrieve the table content. > However this requires development user, and creation of a custom function module. For more information, refer to the KB [Creating an SAP extension for the Denodo REFReadTable Custom Wrapper]( and [Denodo RFCReadTable Custom Wrapper - User Manual Guide]( section of the DenodoConnect Componnets. Hope it helps!
Denodo Team
10-11-2020 05:19:55 -0500
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