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Create/Deploy/undeploy REST endpoints programaticly

Hi, is there a way to create/deploy/redeploy/undeploy... denodo REST endpoints programmatically using some command lines or an API instead of using the "denodo virtual dataport administration tool" or the "denodo design studio" witch are more UI tools? Thank you,
25-11-2020 10:33:54 -0500

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Hi, It is possible to deploy, undeploy and redeploy Web Services via VQL code. For example if you have a web service called 'my_webservice' you could deploy it via this command: ``` DEPLOY WEBSERVICE my_webservice ``` You can find the syntax for deploy/undeploy/redeploying in the documentation section [Deploying and Exporting SOAP and REST Web Services]( It is also possible to do the same via any other client that can execute VQL statements against a Virtual DataPort Server. For example, I can deploy my web services via DBeaver by using that syntax, but it is also possible from a command line jdbc client. For creating Web services, the syntax is shown in the documentation section (and subsections of) [Publication of Web Services](, but since the syntax for these are quite complex, it is strongly recommended to do that via the Virtual DataPort Administration Tool. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
26-11-2020 11:24:47 -0500
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