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Migrating vql scripts to other environments

I created two data sources one is for delimited file source and another is for filesystem custom wrapper. For each data source I created one base view. Then I create one derived view by joining those base views. In the derived view I have specified where conditions to read files from test folder that is parentfolder = 'test'. I did this in test environment I need migrate this to pilot and prod but in the polit and prod environments parentfolder will be 'pilot' and 'prod' respectively. I don't want change this manually in export VQL scripts. Is there any way we can change this value based on environment.
27-11-2020 08:47:45 -0500

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Hi, At this moment, the properties that are related to the datasource such as DATABASEURI,USERNAME,USERPASSWORD can only be export as variables and the values of those properties can be modified based on the environment while importing into it. Since the value of the fields from the WHERE clause of a view are not considered as a property to export, those values can only be modified by manually edited the export VQL script. To Know the available properties that can be exported as a variable during exporting the metadata, refer to the [Export to a File with Properties]( section of the Virtual Dataport Administration Guide. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
30-11-2020 04:15:47 -0500
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