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Need syntax how to pass multiple values in restapi url for input parameters

I tried this way but didn't work in postman Query1: 1.https://denodo server url /server/inventory/InventorySummaryAPI/views/InventoryOnHoldSummaryAPI? $filter=”fctry_id” in (ABC,EFJ,IJK)& $filter=”opr_id” in (12,13,45) & $filter="strg_cd" in (196,127,156) & $filter= “opr_idX” in (10,20,30) 2.https://denodo server url /server/inventory/InventorySummaryAPI/views/InventoryOnHoldSummaryAPI? $filter=(fctry_id in (abc,efg,ijk)) & $filter=(opr_id in (12,13,45)) & $filter=(strg_cd in (196,127,156)) & $filter=(opr_idX in (10,20,30)) with above syntax for integers it is working, as fctry_id is accepting varchar values it says abc,efg,ijk doesnot exist 3.https://denodo server url /server/inventory/InventorySummaryAPI/views/InventoryOnHoldSummaryAPI? $filter=(fctry_id in ('abc','efg','ijk')) & $filter=(opr_id in (12,13,45)) & $filter=(strg_cd in (196,127,156)) & $filter=(opr_idX in (10,20,30)) 4.https://denodo server url /server/inventory/InventorySummaryAPI/views/InventoryOnHoldSummaryAPI? $filter=(fctry_id in ('abc,efg,ijk')) & $filter=(opr_id in (12,13,45)) & $filter=(strg_cd in (196,127,156)) & $filter=(opr_idX in (10,20,30)) tried all the ways but no luck,Can you please help me with the syntax Also need syntax how to pass values dynamically from UI
25-01-2021 12:13:57 -0500

1 Answer

Hi, When I created a web service with mandatory input parameters in Denodo, I was able to successfully query the web service with similar conditions using a request like the following: ``` http://<hostname>:<port>/server/<database>/<view_name>/views/<view_name>?$filter=(<input_1> in (<value>,<value>) AND <input_2> in (<value>,<value>)) ``` This returned all the rows with the corresponding input parameters. There should only be one "$filter" statement in your URL, and I would make sure that your filter condition is surrounded by parentheses. Additionally, I think that you may be looking for the "$search" functionality of your REST endpoint. Navigating to the following URL will bring up a UI that will allow you to enter your mandatory view parameters: ``` http://<hostname>:<port>/server/<database>/<view_name>/views/<view_name>/$search ``` In the Virtual DataPort Administration Guide, you can see an example of this window in the [HTML query form]( section and you can reference the [Input Parameters of the RESTful Web Service]( page for more information about input parameters in RESTful web services. I hope this helps!
Denodo Team
27-01-2021 17:50:43 -0500
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