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Filter in Association

We are using denodo 8, for Rest webservice we are using associations. Below is the exam URL: <URL> Question we have is, how can we use filter on associations used here bv_empl_class_abstraction_vw_role and bv_address_employee_abstraction_vw_role. Same thing we are able to achieve in Odata API by passing it with association role but reference documents does not have this details for restful services. Can someone please help on this with an example.
03-02-2021 00:43:04 -0500

3 Answers

Hi, I was able to perform the filter operation for RESTful Web Services which involves Association by using the URL, based on the below example format: `http://localhost:9090/denodo-restfulws/database_name/views/<view_name>$expand=association_view_name&$select=field_names&$filter=association_view_name/field_name&$format=json` You can take a look at the [RESTful Web Service]( section and[ Input Parameters of the RESTful Web Service]( section under the Virtual DataPort Administration Guide for more information. Hope this helps !
Denodo Team
08-02-2021 07:18:50 -0500
We did refer to the RESTFUL documentation and the sample URL posted in the Answer. It gives error as mentioned below. If we remove $filter criteria from URL, we get results. URL: http://<Host>/denodo-restfulws/<database_name>/views/<view_name>?<view_field_name>=<field_value>&$expand=<association_view_name>&$select=<view_field_name>,<association_view_name/field_name>&$filter="<association_view_name/field_name>" eq '<association_view_field_value>'&$format=json Error response: { "__errors__": [ { "code": 50025, "message": "Error executing sentence: Error calculating view: Error in select view conditions: Field not found '<view_name.association_view_name/association_view_name>' in view '<view_name>'" } ] } We tried different ways to pass filter criteria in association view. Any help here will be appreciated.
16-02-2021 19:28:07 -0500
Hi, The error message “Error in select view conditions: Field not found in view view_name” could have occurred because the field name defined in the view is not found. Further, you can check your view schema by opening the view and look for the field that is producing the error. Additionally, I also received this error in situations where the name of the element was not in accordance with the charset configured in my server. You can check the **Identifiers charset** by navigating to Administration > Server Configuration tab of the Virtual DataPort Administration Tool. For more information, refer to the [Identifiers charset]( section under the Virtual DataPort Administration Guide. In any case if you still need help and if you are a valid support user then you can raise a support case in Denodo Support Site so that our support team can help you. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
24-02-2021 07:30:09 -0500
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