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Connect to Denodo from Lambda

Hello, I need to get the view and its information in one of the Lambda function built on AWS Lambda. I tried the below link but it says about the ODBC and JDBC connections but since the Lambda is serverless, can we have a connection to Denodo from Lambda in any other way?
11-02-2021 09:32:49 -0500

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Hi, Denodo provides a way to access the view as “**REST**” or “**RESTful**” API from an end consuming application. To access the views of Denodo from AWS Lambda other than “**JDBC**” or “**ODBC**” connections, I would make a call to the [**RESTful web service**]( which is an HTTP service auto-deployed in Denodo that publishes the contents of the entire Virtual DataPort server or access the views published as the [**REST web service**]( of Denodo from AWS Lambda. For instance, to get the view using the web services I would provide “**HTTP method**” as “**GET**” and “**URI**” as mentioned below in the lambda function built on AWS Lambda: For "**RESTful**" web service, the “**URI**” to access the view is http://localhost:9090/denodo-restfulws/<database_name>/<view_name>. whereas for "**REST**" web service, the “URI” to access the view is http://localhost:9090/server/<database_name>/<webservice_name>/views/<view_name>. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
12-02-2021 07:13:43 -0500
Hello Team, Sorry if I have not put my sentence right. We need to create a connection to denodo from Lambda to create a view, Assign userroles etc. While trying to do that, we are having troubles making the connection to Denodo
19-02-2021 10:13:47 -0500
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