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Role management in solution manager

Hi Denodo Team Could you tell me does the configuration store in metadata database or properties file when i add a new group in role management. I deployed denodo on k8s and using external metada database now. I was thought the data will be store into metada database when i add some value in role management. but the settings are vanished after pod restart. so could you tell me which file store setting about role management. i will put that properties file into configmap.
08-08-2021 02:06:59 -0400

4 Answers

Hi, In general, the Roles Management are stored as part of the Metadata of the Embedded VDP. Hence, when you enabled the External metadata database of Solution Manager it does not include configurations of the Embedded Virtual DataPort. By default, Embedded Virtual DataPort metadata are store under the <SOLUTION_MANGER>\metadata\db. In case, if you want to take backup of local users and roles from Embedded Virtual DataPort, then you could perform the below steps, * Use the Design Studio or Administration tool to connect to the embedded Virtual DataPort Server of Solution Manager, typically, the URL would like below as admin > //<SOLUTION_MANAGER_HOST>:19999/admin. * Navigate to File> Export. In the Exported VQL, you can view user and role details. Alternatively, you could also use the export script located at <SOLUTION_MANAGER_HOME>\bin as similar as below, >export.bat/sh --login <login> --password <password> --server //<SOLUTION_MANAGER_HOST>:19999/admin --file <file_name> For more information, you could refer to the [Export Script]( section of the Virtual DataPort Administration Guide. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
09-08-2021 07:01:49 -0400
hi denodo team Thank you for your reply. I dont want to backup roles and users from embeedded vdp. i want to confirm that how can i store role management settings into external metadatabase. shold i add these parameters to file? If it is correct, could you tell me which table store the metadata about role? ``` = <ConnectionURI format of the Database> = <Driver Class> = <user_name> = <password> <ENCRYPTED|NULL, depending on the password> ```
12-08-2021 09:30:37 -0400
I tried add below parameters in to file. but solution manager start failed. could you tell me how to store role management data to external metadataDB? ``` = <ConnectionURI format of the Database> = <Driver Class> = <user_name> = <password> <ENCRYPTED|NULL, depending on the password> ```
12-08-2021 10:13:55 -0400
Hi, In Solution Manager, when you configure an external database for storing metadata, the role/user information is not stored in that external database, but stored in the embedded Derby database, which is the expected behavior of the Denodo Platform. You could find a similar question answered in this community [**Q&A**]( Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
14-09-2021 03:54:58 -0400
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