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Create a JSON data source and base views following training video

Hello team, I am trying to create the base view “ bv_sales_all_array ” and “ bv_salesall ”. Data source of JSON is connecting successfully and these two base views are also created. But when I tried to execute base view and I cannot get the results in base view. ERROR message is " BV_SALES_ALL [BASE] [ERROR] DS_SALES [JSON WRAPPER] [ERROR] DS_SALES#0 [JSON ROUTE] [PARSE_ERROR] Received exception with message 'Error retrieving data from 'http://localhost:8081/sales-ws/sales/'. HTTP error code: 401.' " could you help me on that? The exercise is coming from this lap: DEN70EDUD1201LAB01 - Create a JSON data source and base views. I don't use virtual machine in this lab. Hello team, I found the reason because when I created the data source, I checked "Pass-through session credentials". Now I make it unchecked and I can get the result in base view. What this check box is used for?
24-08-2021 22:29:35 -0400

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Hi, In Virtual DataPort, some data sources support “pass-through credentials”. That is, when a query involves a data source with this feature enabled, Virtual DataPort will connect to this source using the credentials of the user that executes the query. In addition, the “Login” and “Password” fields will only used at design-time to inspect the sources and test that the connection to the source can be established. You can take a look at **[Considerations When Configuring Data Sources with Pass-Through Credentials](** section of Virtual DataPort Administration Guide for more information about leveraging the existing authentication and authorization system of the organization using the Pass-through session credentials in Virtual DataPort server. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
25-08-2021 03:13:10 -0400
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