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Reading Delimited file on Azure blob using Distributed file wrapper vs delimited data source?

Hi, I am working on denodo 8.0. I want to understand the scenario/pros/cons on reading delimeted file using delimited data source vs using distributed custom wrapper for the delimietd files stored on Azure blob? Thanks!
07-09-2021 18:52:11 -0400

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Hi, Reading the delimited files on Azure blob by using the Distributed File System Custom Wrapper is the easiest way you can define the Azure access credentials in the **“custom core-site.xml”** file to access the data in Azure blob storage. While using a Delimited data source to read the delimited file, you have to define different authentication methods such as OAuth. Also, make a note that it is best to use the Delimited data source when using the **HTTP Client** as the Data route parameter because the delimited data sources offer a better solution for HTTP/HTTPS access as they include proxy access, SPNEGO authentication, OAuth2, etc. You can refer to the Knowledge Base article [How to connect to Azure Blob Storage from Denodo]( and the [Denodo Distributed File System Custom Wrapper - User Manual]( for more information. If you still need help and you have a valid support user account, please open a new support case at the [Denodo Support site]( so that the support team can assist you. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
08-09-2021 04:51:22 -0400
Thank you for the explanation.
15-09-2021 13:29:45 -0400
Can I get more details around the properties in "custom core-site.xml" file?
15-09-2021 13:30:28 -0400
Hi, The Custom core-site.xml file is a configuration file that overrides the default core Parameters. For Azure Blob storage, you can configure the access key in the Azure Blob credential property. You can create a custom core-site.xml by using the **core-site.xml** file located in the conf folder of the distribution file custom wrapper. You can refer to thedocument [Denodo Distributed File System Custom Wrapper - User Manual]( for more information. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
22-09-2021 07:33:17 -0400
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