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How to configure data catalog as a separate instance?

Hi Team, Is it possible to run data catalog as a seperate instance on different VM than VDP server? I could not find where in data catalog we should be configuring the VDP server addess. By default the Data catalog looks for VDP server on localhost, which is not available since we are running VDP servers on different VM. Thanks for you response. Regards, Sripathi
10-09-2021 04:29:28 -0400

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Hi, In cases where you need to access a different VDP server, you can choose which VDP to connect to while performing login in the Data Catalog. To add another server, you can register your VDP in the VDP Servers tab of the Server set-up page and you will find the “Add server” button on the upper right side of the tab. You can check out the[ Configure the Virtual DataPort Servers]( section of the Data Catalog Guide for the configuration details. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
13-09-2021 05:12:13 -0400
Thanks. So I will have to start local VDP server on Datacatalog VM to login and configure additional servers, I did not find a way to add additional server without logging in first. Is it possible to add additional VDP servers directly in backend, through property files?
13-09-2021 05:19:59 -0400
Hi, If you need to change the server configuration, but you cannot connect to the Data Catalog because of an external service is down or the current authentication configuration is not correct, I would recommend using [Local Authentication]( to login and cofigure. In addition, it is possible to restore the default data catalog configuration by modifying <DENODO_HOME>/conf/data-catalog/ but to add additional servers, I would rather recommend trying the way above. Here I found some information that may help you grasp the idea: [Use an External Database for the Data Catalog]( Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
28-09-2021 01:04:28 -0400
Thank you. This is helpful.
28-09-2021 04:46:13 -0400
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