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Cache maintenance task vs Cache

Hi Team, I am working on denodo 8.0. I was going to the training on Cache module and its recommended there not to use the cache maintanence task under server configuration as it is more expensive. Rather use the Clean_cache_database procedure. What is the difference between these two? Thanks!!
13-09-2021 13:20:47 -0400

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Hi, The two of these are very similar. The CLEAN_CACHE_DATABASE stored procedure calls the cache maintenance task. The reason I would want to use a scheduler job with the CLEAN_CACHE_DATABASE procedure as opposed to the cache maintenance task, is that I can control when the procedure runs. With the cache maintenance task I do not know when it will run, so it could run when VDP host resources are in high demand. If I use a scheduler job I can make sure it runs when host resources are not in high demand. To have more information on the Cache Maintenance task, please refer to the [Cache Maintenance Task]( section of the Virtual DataPort Administration Guide. Also for an overview of the CLEAN_CACHE_DATABASE stored procedure, please check out the [CLEAN_CACHE_DATABASE]( section of the Virtual DataPort VQL Guide. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
14-09-2021 12:49:03 -0400
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