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Setting up a Gateway/ODBC Data Source on a virtual machine for Power BI

Hi, I recently created a Power BI report based on a Denodo datasource and published it to I want to set up a scheduled refresh on In order to do that, it looks like I need to use a gateway. To ensure that the refresh is consistent, I have started to create a gateway on a virtual machine. I am running into issues when I do this. One issue in particular is when I go to create a ODBC datasource and test the connection I get this error: "SERVICE NEGOTIATION FAILED; THE CLIENT AND SERVER CANNOT COMMUNICATE, BECAUSE THEY DO NOT POSSESS A COMMON ALGORITHM IN DOSCHANNELNEGOTIATION:CREATESCHANNELCREDENTIALS" In creating the ODBC datasource, I have replicated the exact same setup I have on my local machine. The only difference is that this is on a VM. Do you have any advice for me on how I can get this to work? Overall, my ultimate goal is to have my Denodo data refresh automatically at least once a day on without any dependencies on my local computer. If there is another way to achieve this please do let me know. Thanks!
14-09-2021 11:23:26 -0400

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Hi, Regarding your question on how Power BI service connects to Denodo source, it is suggested to use On-premises data gateway as a bridge for transferring on-premises data from Power BI Desktop into Power BI service, for details please refer to this Denodo community KB article on [Denodo Power BI Custom Connector - User Manual]( The error “BECAUSE THEY DO NOT POSSESS A COMMON ALGORITHM” suggests TLS protocol does not match between client and server. When you enable SSL in Denodo only TLSv1.2 and TLSv1.3 are allowed. I would check if TLS protocols match to resolve your problem. According to Microsoft doc [Automatic page refresh in Power BI Desktop - Power BI | Microsoft Docs](, Power BI Desktop can be scheduled to get refreshed automatically. And when the Power BI refresh starts, it would get the latest data from the corresponding Denodo views. If you still need help and you have a valid support user account, please open a new support case at the [Denodo Support site]( so that the support team can assist you. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
16-09-2021 04:10:30 -0400
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