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how to integrate JMX exporter

We now uniformly use Prometheus as a monitoring tool. How can denodo’s information be connected to Prometheus? 1. How to configure? 2. The key points that need to be paid attention to? 3. can you help arrange meeting to discuss about this? 4.Please provide a demo that can run together.
10-11-2021 05:38:05 -0500

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Hi, You can access the monitoring information of the Virtual DataPort server via the JMX standard as mentioned in the [**Monitoring with a Java Management Extensions (JMX) Agent**]( As Prometheus supports JMX exporter, you could try to integrate it with Virtual DataPort server for monitoring. You can take a look at the [**Prometheus Exporters**]( for specific details about usage of this tool. Furthermore, if you are a valid Support user, you could raise a Support case at [**Denodo Support Site**]( so that Support team will guide you on the next steps to perform the JMX connections. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
10-11-2021 07:24:54 -0500
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