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Cube data present in excel

Hi , i have aan excel as a source file which would be uaed in Denodo.The data is a cube. please help to find a way out to load the data in Denodo through this file. Thanks & regards, sajeda
24-11-2021 06:18:52 -0500

1 Answer

Hi, In general, Denodo provides a data source** “Multidimensional DB”** to obtain cube data from multidimensional databases such as SAP BW 3, SAP BI 7, Mondrian, Oracle Essbase, etc. Instead of using the excel file to access the cube data, you could use a Multidimensional data source to read the cube data directly from Denodo. In this way, Denodo will delegate the queries to the Multidimensional database, which will increase the performance of the query execution compared to accessing the data as an Excel file from Denodo. For more information about the Multidimensional Database, you could refer to this section [Multidimensional Data Sources]( in the Virtual DataPort VQL Guide. Besides, to extract data from an excel file, you could use the **"Excel"** data source. To know more about the Excel source, you could take a look at the section [Excel Sources]( in the Virtual DataPort Administration Guide. Hope this helps!!
Denodo Team
25-11-2021 02:18:59 -0500
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