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How to get the usage statistic of the interface view/ other views called by other application in Denodo

Hi Team, We are trying to fetch the usaage statistic of the inetrface view , which is used by they application like powerbi reports, connceting via jdbc drivers. Could you please let us know will be able to collect the usage statistic of the view used by other application as well. i.e how many times the connection /qurery triggered via odbc/jdbc connection. In that case we have to follow the same configuration Thank you.
01-12-2021 10:37:38 -0500

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Hi, It is possible to fetch the usage statistics of views by other applications by setting the user agent for a JDBC, ODBC and JMS connection. In Denodo, it is recommended to set the user agent parameter from the client applications because it will help you to identify the requests performed by particular applications. In order to specify the useragent in JDBC client, you could perform the following steps: * Establish a connection between Denodo Platform and client application by specifying the parameter useragent to the URL `“jdbc:vdb://<host>:<port>/databasename?userAgent=<applicationName>”` For ODBC client, you could follow the below steps: * In [DSN connection](, select the datasource option which navigates to advanced option dialog where you can able to set the useragent parameter * In DSN-less connection, you could use the below parameters: `“DRIVER={DenodoODBC Unicode(x64)};UID=<user account>;PWD=<password of the user>;SERVER=<host name>;DATABASE=<database name>;PORT=9996;SSLmode=prefer;service=;krbsrvname=HTTP;UserAgent=<user agent>;”` WIth these steps it is possible to collect the statistics of views executed by other applications. Please refer to the [Setting the User Agent of an application]( section of the Virtual DataPort Administration Guide. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
03-12-2021 04:57:49 -0500
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