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Admin question

How do you alter existing user to make him admin. an example please.
06-01-2022 17:12:47 -0500

3 Answers

Hi, You can alter an existing user and assign roles like serveradmin to the normal user (which is almost equivalent to being an administrator user of Virtual DataPort). It can be done either graphically or through VQL commands. In order to assign it in graphically, I would perform it with below steps: * Open the Virtual DataPort Administration Tool. * Navigate to the Administration>User Management. * Select the User>Assign Roles. * Choose the **serveradmin** role. To modify the role of normal user through VQL commands, I would execute the below command in VQL shell: ``` “ALTER user <user_name> grant role serveradmin” ``` For more information,you can take a look at the “[User and Access Right in Virtual DataPort”]( under Virtual DataPort Administration Guide Additionally you can also refer to the [ Modifying User Data section]( under the Virtual DataPort VQL Guide. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
07-01-2022 04:14:28 -0500
if the user is granted serveradmin , does he gets access to all denodo componenets?
12-01-2022 15:03:16 -0500
Hi, Normal user who has been assigned with the role** serveradmin** could access different components and perform activities like managing databases, changing different settings of the Server, the Virtual DataPort server. Further, there are other predefined roles available for different tools like Data Catalog,Diagnostic and Monitoring etc. Based on the operation to be performed you could assign the required roles to the user. For more information about the roles, you can take a look at the[ “Default Roles”]( under Virtual DataPort Administration Guide. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
13-01-2022 07:03:03 -0500
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