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Post data from Denodo into Destination system

Is it possible to create a data source in Denodo to post data into destination system whenever new data arrive in Denodo from Source system. The use case is the following: 1. Data are made availaible by external system in excel files twice a week 2. we want that Denodo receive this data, create a virtual view from the received data and post it to a destination system when new data received if yes is there any documentation for this use case Thanks
13-01-2022 08:27:18 -0500

1 Answer

Hi, For your scenario, I would recommend using remote tables to store the data from source system to destination system. To do that. * Create a Virtual Database DB1, create an excel data source which is the source system (ds_excel)and create a base view (bv_excel) over the data source. * Create another Virtual Database DB2, create a data source which is the destination system. For example a JDBC data source(which is MS SQL). * Create a remote table over bv_excel as rt_bv_excel. * Provide the target datasource as JDBC data source and also provide the details for the remote table to be created in MS SQL database. * Provide the base view name as rt_bv_excel. * In order to extract the data from the bv_excel and store it in the remote table, use the below query, `Select * from DB1.bv_excel` * This will extract the details from bv_excel and store it in rt_bv_excel and in the MSSQL database. In order to update the data coming from the Excel data source , you can make use of the Denodo Scheduler Administration tool. To refresh the data, do the following. * Launch Scheduler Administration Tool, and create a Data Source pointing to the database “DB1”. * Create a VDP job and provide the following query in the Parameterized query tab under the extraction section ` “ REFRESH DB1.rt_bv_excel ” ` * To schedule the job every two weeks once, you can make use of the CRON expression under the Triggers section. * After the job has been executed the data from the Source system(Excel) will be automatically updated in the MS SQL database. To know more about creating a remote table and scheduling a VDP job, refer to the following documents * **[Managing Remote Tables](** * **[VDP Extraction Section](** Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
18-01-2022 04:09:24 -0500
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