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Executing Stored VQL via Scheduler

Hello, We want to develop a query builder for our business users where they can create queries interactively on denodo base views as per their requirements. They can also choose a frequency (e.g. Hourly, daily) for which query should execute automatically and save results in our data warehouse. Our Approach: We have developed following approach to accomplish this task. - Save queries in a metadata table along with frequencies - Create a denodo scheduler job with a small frequency e.g. 10 minutes and it will execute a denodo custom procedure. - In procedure we will select those records which need to execute Now as per frequency, fetch its VQL statement into a variable and execute as **Dynamic VQL**. - Insert the records of dynamic VQL into data warehouse. Please guide me is this good approch or suggest any other better approach to achive this goal. Thanks & Regards, Abbas
16-01-2022 03:06:55 -0500

2 Answers

Hi, Virtual DataPort provides an API to develop custom stored procedures using Java for any out of box use case. Hence, for your scenario, you can create a custom Stored Procedure and create a [Time based scheduler job]( using the Denodo Scheduler. To get more information related to custom Stored Procedures, you can refer to the following sections, * [DEVELOPING STORED PROCEDURES]( * [Java documentation]( Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
17-01-2022 08:06:38 -0500
Thank you so much for your response. Its done via java stored procedure.
18-01-2022 22:23:02 -0500
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