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How to connect to Denodo from EBIS and MS Dynamics 365?

How do we connect to Denodo from EBIS and MS Dynamics 365? Also, is there a way to ingest data from Denodo to these 3rd party tools via doing somehting in Denodo?
20-01-2022 03:59:46 -0500

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Hi, I understand that you want to connect Denodo from Microsoft Dynamics 365,(i.e.)** northbound connections**. At this moment we have use cases to connect to Microsoft Dynamics 365 from Denodo(**southbound connection**). And when I further internally reviewed your scenario, I came across that, to connect any database or tools from MS Dynamics 365 would require an **intermediate tool** to establish a successful connection. In order to connect Denodo from any other third-party tools, the Virtual DataPort server offers several mechanisms such as access through **JDBC, ODBC, Restful, OData, etc.,** you can discuss with your administrator regarding this and leverage any one of these mechanisms based on your requirement. To answer your question regarding ingesting the data to other tools, you could make use of [**Remote Tables**](, which allows to store the results of a query in an external database. In this process, Denodo creates the table with the appropriate schema and inserts the result of the query in this table. If you have any further questions and you are a valid support user, you may open a Support Case at the Denodo Support Site and the Support Team will assist you further. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
20-01-2022 07:22:47 -0500
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