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VDP admin login says connection refused on MacBook

Hello Team, I am trying to login to VDP admin by using credentials admin/admin, but i get connection refused always. I have started the server as well reading through some posts for MacBook connection. Can you please help if this can be resolved? I am using Denodo express 8.
26-01-2022 01:11:03 -0500

1 Answer

Hi, In general, ‘Connection Refused’ error occurs when a connection to the Virtual DataPort server fails with following reasons such as host unreachable, incorrect port, etc. In order to resolve this issue, you could check the following steps: * You could check if you are able to ping the Virtual DataPort server from the location of the Virtual DataPort Administration Tool which you are using. * Check the configuration of the RMI Host settings in the Denodo Platform Control Center. You could refer to the Knowledge Base article [RMI host configuration]( for more information. * Ensure the firewall settings to make sure you have the access to connect. * If you are using the Virtual DataPort Administration Tool on the server, but not on remote machines, you could review your [Remote connectivity configuration]( and try modifying the value of the RMI host tab. * Also, check the vdp.log located under ‘<DENODO_HOME>/logs/vdp’ folder for detailed errors. You could refer to a similar community - [Q&A]( for more details on this error Connection Refused. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
27-01-2022 08:17:05 -0500
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