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Challenges Launching Denodo from the Quickstart DQVM

I downloaded the DQVM. I am at a Linux prompt. The link to the associated manual says I do not have rights to download it. (I submitted a ticket for that issue.) I was able to find a manual for the DQVM for version 5.5. It says that once I log in that I will be presented with a Gnome desktop. Once I logged into the version 8 DQVM, I am presented with a -bash shell prompt. My background is not in Linux but in Windows. I may be missing something small. I just need to launch Denodo from the DQVM so I can continue with my training. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi, Good day. For training courses from Denodo 8.0, I always recommend to use the Virtual Machine. So here I recommend you to refer **Vitual Machine Configuration** of the on-demand course, which will breif you the Denodo Training QuickStart Virtual Machine and Oracle VM VirtualBox. Please refer to the **Denodo Training QuickStart Virtual Machine - User Manual** which is available in the downloaded folder of the VM. It will provide you more details on VM Settings and also to Open ip address command in the terminal. Eventually, **Training resources** section of the on-demand courses to know more information on using the Denodo Express. Hope this helps!!
Denodo Team
31-01-2022 03:21:52 -0500
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