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Issues while connecting from Information Design Tool to Denodo 7.0 JDBC

Hello, we followed this tutorial and installed the driver on the BO server, but we are still not able to connect via the Information Design tool to our Denodo database. To be on the safe side if the same driver installation is maybe also required in the client side, we also did the steps there (similar to the steps on the driver). Our current BO system: SAP Business Objects BI Platform 4.2 Support Pack 7 Patch 6 Our problem: We are able to see the driver in the Information Design tool when using "New Relational Connection". After entering our Server (host + port) as well as the database, it only gives a very generic message which comes immeadiately (there is no response time after we click on "Test connection"). The error message is: Invalid connection. (MDS 00004) This makes us believe there is a general issue and we hope maybe this case is known to you already? Do you have an idea what we are doing wrong? We are able to ping the denodo server, we tried several variants to input the Server. We also tried with the IP instead of the hostname. When we try to setup the connection via Windows ODBC Datasources (64 bit) it works completely fine, which ensures that the hostname we are using is the right one and also my user is authorized to access. Thanks in advance & Best Regards, Johann K.
01-03-2021 04:18:08 -0500

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Hi, In general, the error "Invalid connection. (MDS 00004)" occurs if there is any misconfiguration of the parameters that are used to establish connection to the Virtual DataPort Server. In order to overcome this issue, I would verify the following, * The following files are named correctly as below, * vdp.sbo * vdpen.cod * vdpen.prm * vdp.rss * vdp.prm * Vdp_jdbc.setup * The connection parameters specified in the "vdp.sbo" and "vdpen.cod" files match the connection setting. For example, in the JDBC connection parameters for URL, I would ensure that the DATASOURCE and DATABASE variables remain as they are. <Parameter Name="URL Format">jdbc:vdb://$DATASOURCE$/$DATABASE$</Parameter> * To communicate with Virtual DataPort from Business Object replace the values of JDBC parameters from "jdbc" and "generic_jdbc" values to "vdp" in "vdp.sbo" and "vdpen.cod" files. Hence, to establish a successful connection, make sure to follow all the steps given in the Knowledge Base article, [How to access VDP from SAP BusinessObjects]( Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
02-03-2021 04:41:58 -0500
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