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Issue while configuring Kerberos Authentication

Hi Team, We are in process of enabling Kerberos authentication at server level. We have created the global user, SPN and the Keytab file and enabled the Kerberos at the server level giving all the required details. When we restart the vdp server, it shows the below error in the log. Key for the principal ##### is not available in the keytab ####.keytab What could be the possible reason for this issue? How to go about it? Please help!! Thanks, Manju
04-03-2021 23:35:29 -0500

1 Answer

Hi, This error usually occurs when the Principal #### has not been included in the generated keytab file.. If I face this error, I would ensure that the principal name follows the below format in the keytab file : ** <SPN with FQDN>@<REALM> ** You could also try regenerating the keytab as mentioned in the **[Generating a Keytab File](** section of Denodo Platform Installation Guide. You can take a look at the **[Kerberos configuration and troubleshooting](** Knowledge Base Article for more information. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
05-03-2021 08:06:16 -0500
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