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Struggling with using a field with JSON data and tying it back to the original view using an ID field

I have a view that has a field called "primaryqa". it contains data that has answers to questions in JSON format that I want to parse and then joing back to the original view using an field called "id". ``` [{"QuestionID":1,"Answer":"Yes"},{"QuestionID":2,"Answer":"Yes"},{"QuestionID":3,"Answer":"No"},{"QuestionID":4,"Answer":"No"},{"QuestionID":5,"Answer":"No"},{"QuestionID":6,"Answer":"No"},{"QuestionID":7,"Answer":"No"},{"QuestionID":8,"Answer":"No"}] ``` That is the format of the array. I can get it isolated using the From Variable feature but I am struggling with how to tie it back to the oringal view as one final view. what am I missing? I have other fields I need to do this for but getting this first one figured out would be a big help.

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Hi, In order to combine a base view from a data source created using **From Variable** as the Data route with a view having a column with JSON data, I would **join** these two views. The fields to join would be the column containing the JSON data and the column with the **Variable name** used in creating the base view of the **From Variable** data source. You can refer to this similar community question [ Reading JSON from a database column]( for more information. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
10-03-2021 01:32:44 -0500
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