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Will Denodo supports multiple authentication method simultaneously at server level?

Hi Team, We need to enable Kerberos at the server level. But when we refer the manuals, we got to know that SPN to be set up as an HTTP service. But as per our organization policy it is not allowed to create a functional SPN as an HTTP service. IS there any other way to accomblish it? If yes, is there any drawbacks? Also would like to know is that possible to enable multiple authentication method at server level is feasible or not. Say for example, KErberos for JDBC and ODBC connection, SAML for REST end points or OATH for JSON etc? Waiting for your response on this at the earliest. Thank you team, Manju
09-03-2021 12:18:05 -0500

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Hi, Generally, when web browsers request a Kerberos ticket, the browser forms the SPN with “HTTP”. The SPN of this ticket has to match the SPN of the Denodo Servers or else the authentication will fail. Further, in Denodo, the Username/Password are validated through VDP Authentication, [LDAP]( and [Kerberos]( and client applications can access Virtual DataPort in several ways by using the JDBC interface, ODBC interface, ADO.NET Data Provider and the SOAP and REST Web Service interfaces. Also, the SAML and Oauth authentication mechanism is only for HTTP protocols and JDBC, ODBC cannot use it. Further, you could enable the desired authentication for each data source, Web Service, etc. as required. You can refer to the Knowledge Base article [Kerberizing Denodo for SSO - Step by step guide ]( [Denodo Security Overview ]( more information. Hope this helps !
Denodo Team
10-03-2021 07:40:06 -0500
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